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Photograph of MLB player Singer Ata pitching with graphic design work by eephus.


A store to buy Sports Art, Sports Photography, Graphic Designs, Baseball Card Art, & Custom Resin Table Tops Featuring your Favorite Players and Teams  

Showcasing the players we never forgot
and a few we did

ROYALS 12 X 18 Welcome to the City a (1)_edited.jpg

Upcoming Events 

Kansas City Royals Poster Give Away 
Saturday June 17th, 2023 3:10PM CST

Eephus is excited to announce a  partnership with the Kansas City Royals for a special poster giveaway on Saturday June 17th, 2023.

The first 10,000 attendees of the Royals game against the Angels are going to receive a 12" x 18"  Eephus Marked limited edition poster. The game starts at 3:10 PM CST. Get your tickets now at

"Eephus is a Master of sports inspired pop art "

Jodi Ward

Eephus Photograph Digitally Altered into a Piece of Sports pop art


Integrating vintage baseball cards and sports memorabilia, Eephus breathes life into forgotten relics trasnforming them them into pieces of art that bridge the gap between past and present. 


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